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Different Types Of Cars

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From SUV to MPV, there are numerous varieties of car models available today and a car buyer has plenty of options to choose from. You must be aware of the different body styles so that you can easily choose the best suited body style. In this article, you will find the various body style options and decide which style will be more appropriate for you.

You can browse current Toyota inventory from the official Toyota website to identify the new Toyota model that matches your budget and requirement. The number of vehicles usage is increasing regularly when compared to previous years. Whether it is car, bike, tricycle, or lorry, people are showing great interest to buy it. The website contains the vehicle statistics like vehicle population, new registration report from 2011 to 2015.

Hatchback is one of the most reputed body styles in the UK and you can choose any size since all the size options are available for sale. You may prefer big hatchbacks for family cars and small ones are suitable for riding around the town.

Saloons are mostly less preferred since the passenger compartment doesn’t include boot. But in the UK, saloons are preferred much and most of the executive cars you see are saloons because of the prestige issue.

Are you looking for a body style with ample space and versatility? Then you can choose the Estate. It is normally based on hatchback models or saloons but has large, boxier rear that provides you bigger, square load area. It makes them very famous as family cars.

If you give high priority to versatility and space, then multi-purpose vehicle or an MPV is the right option. Do you need five-seven seats? Then MPV offers the different range of layouts inside. You can get different seat option like fold, tumble, slide, or removable seat too. Also, MPV offers the higher driving position which gives a confident feel to the driver. However, you can find the different seat-folding options in other styles too. SUV or Sports Utility Vehicle is the best option to consider.

Normally people call it as 4×4s or off-roaders but most of these cars don’t have four wheel drives and also many are not made to go off-road. Normally they have bulky bodies and sit a little bit off the ground. The rugged body style attracts many people but it is preferred not only for good looking but also it makes people get in and out easily.

Coupes and Convertibles are the two styles preferred by people where practicality is not a problem for them. Coupes have sleek body style particularly at the rear and it is considered as the sports car that sits little lower than other styles. You must be willing to sacrifice practicality and space for additional space and sports look. You don’t have only two-door models even you can purchase coupe versions of SUVs and Saloon.

Convertibles are simple cars which allow you to raise the roof and lower it. You can pick a two-seater or a four-seater model based on your requirement.

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