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Why Are Security Screens Good For K-12 Entry Protection

Doors are the access point where one can enter a building or a room. Windows, as well as the glass doors, are vulnerable access points which are found in many a school. It is easy for criminals to break the glass doors and unlock the entry. Westral has got a huge variety of glass doors which are strong and can last forever. As per the security industry and a survey conducted on, there are two solutions which can slow down the activity of a criminal who tries to break into any school building.

The first solution is the application of window film which makes the glass strong as well as difficult to break. You can find this product on the market. Now, the window film is 42 micro-layers strong as well as tear- resistant. Since it is strong, the criminal will have to spend quite a lot of time in breaking it. A new advantage of this window film is that it can now hold the broken glasses, so that even though the criminal breaks the glass, there will not be any injury as well as damages for the people or students inside the room.

Most criminals use handguns or rifles as they are considered as the criminal’s choice of weapons. Since these weapons can change the situation, administrators continuously seek attention to harden school entries. There are many examples which had happened in the past where the gunman had entered by breaking an unprotected glass panel. A good way of protecting the glass is the use of window screens. It can act as an impenetrable barrier which can withstand the hammer, rifles as well as knives attack. Security screens cannot stop bullets; however, it can resist tearing or cutting which can slow down the criminal from unlocking the window or door.

According to many shop owners, screens are pretty expensive; however, when you consider safety you will agree to give security screens a try. Security screens were first adapted by urban schools followed by the rural and suburban campuses. While some people are interested in the film solution, some opt for security screens. Variations of the film solutions are used in automobiles and commercial locations so that the heat from the sun can be reduced. With the usage of the film solutions, some people say that it can make the school look like a prison. But the security is more important than appearance in this case.

Security screens need to be placed only on the glass doors and panels. With the usage of screens, it does not mean that the other security measures should be ignored. The locks on the door and the windows need to be strong enough to prevent any attacks. When it is time to prevent an active shooter from entering, these strong locks and screens will help in delaying the criminal’s activity in getting into the room. It is no doubt that security screen can provide a high-level security when an emergency situation arises.

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